‘His rule was inadequate and his downfall inevitable’. How far do you agree with this assessment of the rule of Charles X?

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Religious policies:

·         The support from the Church was a large factor in getting the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy but it could also have been an aspect in the downfall of Charles X.

·         Charles X insisted on an elaborate coronation ceremony, this was not a wise move as it forced clericalism and practices from the ancien regime onto the anticlerical bourgeoisie.

·         This caused tension, and Charles X’s coronation was seen as unfavourable by the French public. However, it was more the Law of Sacrilege against defamers of the Catholic hierarchy the caused the most problems.


·         Ultras: Charles X was a former Ultra leader himself, he extended and reinforced their influence, this was a dangerous move. Whilst they were very much for the monarchy, they could compromise the position of the monarchy as they did not favour a constitutional monarchy, which was exactly what would be needed to try to keep the balance in France between monarchy and republic.

·         Republicanism was kept


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