High Stalinism: the NKVD under Beria

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The Nuremburg trials
One of the most disturbing aspects of what has been seen as the 'victors' justice' of the Nuremburg trials held to try those responsible for Nazi war crimes and other felonies under an International Military Tribunal, was that the war cimes committed by the Soviet authorities were not addressed.

  • Andrew Vyshinsky, who had acted as Stalin's prosecutor in the show trials of the late 1930s, was sent to guide the process in Nuremburg in November 1945

The NKVD under Beria
Lavrentiy Beria had taken charge of the NKVD in 1938 following the removal of Yezhov, who took the blame for the excesses of the Great Terror

  • As Deputy of the NKVD under Yezhov, Beria was hardly without blame, but he used Yezhov's removal to put


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