Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

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Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII

- Henry VIII had voluntarily chosen to marry Catherine of Aragon shortly after he became king

- In the early years it was a harmonious relationship. There is even some evidence that he was influenced by her and appreciated her links to the Spanish king.

- The marriage was useful in the context of an anti-french, pro-spanish foreign policy.

- Catherine concieved  on several occassions

January 1510- Baby girl, still born

January 1511- Baby boy, died at 6 weeks old

October 1513- Premature baby boy died

November 1514- Baby boy died within hours

February 1516- Baby girl Mary survived

1517- Queen rumoured to be pregnant

1518- Baby girl, died soon after birth

- Catherines lost pregnancy was in 1518. By 1524 Catherine was approaching 40 and the king was no longer sleeping with he.

- Henry VIII had numerous affairs including one with Elizabeth Blount and with Mary Boleyn , this was considered normal behaviour in tudor times

- The affair with Eliazabeth resulted in a son called Henry Fitzroy. In 1526 aged 6 he was given royal dukedoms of somerset and Richmond, made a knight of the garter and was made a Royal Admiral. Later he was sent to be in charge of the council of the North. Some regarded this as an attemptto have Henry mentioned in sucession

- Henry and Catherine had one direct heir, Princess Mary (1516)

- She had already


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