Henry II- Restoring Royal Authority

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Restoring Royal Authority

Henry II, as an absent king, had to choose loyal men to help rule his kingdom.

His choices were:

Robert, Earl of Leicester

  • Richest man in the country and very powerful
  • Supporter of Matilda in Civil War (and therefore, the plantagenets)
  • Experienced military man
  • Well educated and well-known

Richard de Lucy

  • One of the 'justices in eyre'/ itinerant judges
  • Had been loyal to Stephen in Civil War
  • Brilliant administrator and very experienced in financial and legal issues.
  • Sherrif of Essex and Guardian of Tower of London and Windsor Castle.

Why did he choose these two?

They were a good combination of power and organisation. The fact they had supported different people in the civil war made sure everyone in teh country was well represented, and suppresion of Stephens supporters was less likely to occur.

Was Finance successful?

The royal intake went from £8,000 in 1156 to £23,000 in 1180. Henry II needed this money to help maintain power in all his territries (Brittany, Normandy, Aquittaine and Anjou), and also to help…




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