Henry and the governance of England: the development of the legal system; Thomas Becket and the Church

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Governance of Empire

  • Itinerant kingship (travelling) - Lands were greater than previous monarchs; only spent a third of time in England
  • King travelled with Curia regis (itinerant court) which dealt with local law cases, as well as containing barons who were duty bound to give the king advice when he needed

Reformation of Government

  • Raising money was important to defend vast lands; revived danegeld, seized lost estates, senior ministers appointed to watch revenues of sheriffdoms, major reform of coinage 1158 & 80 
  • Employed Bishop Nigel of Ely to revive the Exchequer; fully functioning by 1069
  • Employed Richard, son of Nigel of Ely to write a guide to the Exchequer in a teacher and student form, called the Dialogue of the Exchequer in the 1170s
  • Set about restoring royal demesne lost to landholders during Stephen's reign
  • Henry sent out the barons' returns; the Cartae Boronum


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