Henry VII

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The King ruled with a 'council' of advisors who supported him in making key decisions and around 227 men are recorded as having attended the Council during his reign. The council had no established rules and procedures.

The Council under Henry had three main functions;

  • to advise the King.
  • to administer the realm on the King's behalf.
  • to make legal judgements.

There were three main types of councillor;

  • members of the Nobility, such as Lords Daubeney and Dynham.
  • churchmen, such as Richard Fox and John Morton.
  • laymen, such as Sir Reginald Bray and Edmund Dudley.

The Great Council was a gathering of the House of Lords, meeting with the House of Commons. It had no clearly defined functions and was an occasional rather than a permanent body. It met only five times in total throughout Henry's reign and usually concerned itself with issues relating to war or rebellion.

The Council Learned was developed during the second half of…


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