Heathcliff NOTES

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Described by Nelly as a 'gypsy brat' & 'dirty ragged black haired child' 
However Earnshaw sees him as a 'gift from God' a 'cuckoo' and remains a family member. 

He is a Byronic hero. A melancholy and rebellious young man, distressed by a terrible wrong he committed in the past. 

His presence at WH is radical and random. He has obscure origins and a lack of conventional social structure. He is able to be loved (by Earnshaw and Catherine) and hated (by most other characters in the book) by just being himself. 

From being humiliated by Hindley and Edgar his reasons for revenge are quite clear. 

He brings up Hareton who he curses at the age of 5, this creates a wedge between father & son.

Is he a character from true & honest recollection? This should be questioned; we


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