An advancement of learning-

·         About the transition from childish innocence to the awareness of the world

·         “Something slobbered curtly close”- alliteration, sibilance- sinister sounds something unpleasant is happening.

·         “I established a dreaded bridgehead”

·         “he trained on me I stared him out”- winning the battle he is overcoming his fears

·         “forgetting how I used to panic”- overcome his fears

·         He has learnt got  to confront his fears they are childish ones

·         Caesura

·         “then I walked on and crossed the bridge” sense of accomplishment

Ancestral photograph-

·         Looking at a picture of his father and he letting go of his family history

·         Was hard to let go “long fixed in sepia tints”,

·         “as if a bandage had been ripped from the skin”-felt a connection to the painting

·         “arguing”, “crowd”, “groped”, “handled”, “clinch”,- words and images of work

·         “and watch you sadden when the fairs were stopped”- Heaney's fathers skills are out of place in the modern world

·         “like housewives at an auction ring” –simile, negative impression like women

·         “closing this chapter of our chronicle I take your uncle’s portrait to the attic”- closing a chapter in his life, sense of hope for the future

Constable calls-

·         Here Heaney  experiences fear when the police comes it’s from a child’s perspective

·         “of the boot of the law” this is a violent image

·         “Ticked, ticked, ticked” – list of 3 shows ever lasting image, onomatopia he lives in constant fear.

·         “black hole in the barracks”- alliteration , shows how his father might go to prison forever

·         “no”- the caesura suggests he lives in fear

·         Lots of violent images shows how scared the young child was

Blackberry picking-

·         Lots of negative imagery

·         He gives a sense of hope and disappointment, good things don’t always last.

·         “glossy purple clot” –like blood it’s a sinister image also  “bog dark blobs burned” 

·         “hard as a knot”- this simile shows how excited he was

·         He uses personification- “you” this is personal

·         “we trekked and picked”- the alliteration

·         Grotesque simile –“like a plate of eyes”  shows how all the fruit turned bad good things don’t always last

·         The fungus is personified- “a rat grey fungus, glutting on our cache”

·         “Each year I hoped they’d keep, knew they would not” – he is an adult reflecting, he does the same thing every time…


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