Health and Social Care Key Terms

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Key Terms

Human Development - A change in a person's skills and capabilities.

Human Growth - An increase in a person's physical size or 'mass'.

Life Course - The unique pattern of events and experiences that a person goes through during their existence.

Life Expectancy - The number of further years a person can expect to live from a given age-point.

Life Span - The length of time between a person's birth and death.

Life Stages - The phases of growth and development that a person passes through.

Attachment and Bonding - Processes through which an emotional link is established between a baby and a parent or carer.

Emotional Development - The emergence of feelings about self and others.

Foetal Development - The growth and development of the unborn child during pregnancy.

Intellectual Development - The emergence and improvement of thinking and language skills.

Maturation - The gradual process of becoming physically mature or fully developed.

Motor Skills - Skills related to physical movement.

Social Development - The emergence and improvement of communication skills and relationships…


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