health and social revision

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infancy - 0-2

early childhood - 3-8

adolecense - 9-18

early adulthood  - 19-45

middle adulthood - 46-65

later adulthood 65+

mc - adolecense (18) - i made this up-

Jumin Han - early adulthood (26)

Zen - early adulthood (23)

707 <333 - early adulthood (21)

Yoosung★ - early adulhood (20)

Jaehee - early adulthood (25)

1) Yoosung★ has lost his game in lolol that he spent hurs preparing for. How could this impat him negativley?

his social developent will be impacted as he will have to spend more time preparing to fight again .. causing him to isolate himself from thr the memebers of RFA and mayb meaning he skips some school

his emotional development will be impacted and he will be sad that he lost and may even be angery causing him to rage quit the game and not want to talk to people anymore.

2)Vanderwwod has given agent 707 hacker God defender of justice another important top secret mission with a deadline of a few days. How will this impact him?

he isoclates himself socially but chcks mc on the cctv logs from time to time however seven's job is very damgerous so he has no time for friends. this makes him very lonely however - that is the life of a secret agent hacker as he always says!

he gets in a bad physical state as he doesn't


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