Head Injury

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Head Injury

- Account for approximately 300 per 100,00 hospital admittions per year; of these 9 per 100,00 die
- Principal causes are RTAs, falls, assaults, sports injuries, industrial accidents and birth trauma
- Relative frequency of each varies between different age groups and in different parts of the country
- RTAs account for ~25% of cases and ~60% of deaths

Impact damage;
- cortical contusions and lacerations are often multiple, and may be bilateral, result from direct linear impact without rotation and are due to the deceleration of moving brain tissue by non-compliant structures within the cranium (falx, tentorium cerebelli, sphenoid wing, petrous temporal)
- consciousness is usually preserved except when bleeding produces a space occupying haematoma, common causes include direct puncture, bullet wounds and crush injuries
- diffuse white matter lesions are caused by rotational acceleration, mechanical shearing results from different resistances in different regions of the brain, maximal in the cortical and immediate sub-cortical areas due to physical distance from rotational centre and difference in compliance between grey and white matter, principal cause of damage in closed brain injury
- nerve fibre damage is accompanied by intracranial haematoma, RTAs most common cause…


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