Haydn - Quonium tu Solus

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Haydn - Quonium tu Solus

Rhythm and Metre
- Allegro - 4/4
- dotted notes - opening phrase in solo soprano + imitation in soloists b.62
- syncopation - voilins b.17
- anacrusis formed by text setting - quavers b.5 or crotchets b.16
Melody and Word Setting
- periodic phrasing  - b.1-2 answered by b.3-4
- minor 7th leap in soprano b.10-12 + 8ve leap b.55
- soprano melody heterphonically occurs in voilins b.6
- WS is mainly syllabic, 'Amen' is melismatic b.68-70
- appoggiatura b.10, 1st violin - creates dissonance between the A + underlying E minor chord.
Tonality and Structure
functional harmony, cadences + related modulations
- b.1-22: free-formed, built on balanced phrases
- D major with tonic pedal b.15-21 shifting to


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