Hawk Roosting



  • Hughes had a rocky and unstable relationship with his wife.


  • Reflects the hawk's control over his life and land.
  • Steady, calm pace to the poem mirrors the hawk's measured control over the woodland.
  • Reflects the hawk's view on life.
  • Talks about dictatorship.


"Hawk Roosting" - Personification. Powers of humankind.

"my eyes closed." - He doesn't need to look at the world to know his place in it (arrogant).

"no falsifying dream" - Haughty tone (arrogantly superior). Hawk is focused.

"Or in sleep rehearse perfect kills and eat." - His kills are perfect and he always thinks about death (violent, dangerous).

"The convenience of the high trees!" - Confidence and gives immediate control.

"Are of advantage to me;"


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