Havisham Poem

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-lines begin without capital letter, lack of punctuation reflects she's losing the structure of her life, she's inarticulate

-3rd verse is the only 1 about love, shows imbalance and coexistence of love and hate

-jerky rhythm, reflects how voice of Havisham is filled with pain and bitterness

-love/hate split over 2 stanzas, mirrors how her life has been torn apart

-opening line puncuation lacking to emphasise passionate intensity and lack of control

-enjambment used, perhaps to reflect anger is pouring out of her uncontrollably


-Title is interesting, it's not Miss Havisham, just Havisham. Emphasises how she has her spinster name still

-'beloved sweetheart *******'-oxymoron, shocking mixture of…


Lucy Ballantyne


This is wonderful! Thankyou x



So so so good, thank youuu x

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