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Notes on Havisham by Carol Ann Duffy

Havisham by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem written in first person persona (The characters point of view). It tells the story of Miss Havisham who is a character in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Miss Havisham was stood up by her fiance who left her at the alter. The poem is about her bitterness and resentment towards him. 


The poem is structured into four stanzas. The lines of the stanzas are of similar length. The poet also uses one word sentences "Spinster." These are used to sum up Miss Havishams feelings. The poet uses enjambement to create a conversational tone.


The  writer uses language to show miss Havishams bitterness and resentment at being left at the altar. The writer also uses metaphors "Ropes on the back of my hands i could strangle with." The poet also uses many descriptions of colour and body parts "Puce""Red ballon bursting" and "Dark green". At the start of the poem an oxymoron is used " beloved sweetheart *******" this is to emphasise the "*******" at the end as the first two words contrast greatly with ******* which makes it unexpected. Another oxymoron used is "Love's hate". Love and hate are opposites therefore you don't expect love to feel hate. Duffy also uses violent verbs "I stabbed at a


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