Have Somerset and Northumberland been over criticised by Historians?

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In terms of religion, Historians seem to go on the factual evidence given. Duffy states that they were  'charter for revolution', this seems a fair statement given the Western Rebellion and its causes. This appears to be the case with other Historians views except for Haigh who states that he 'got away' with the banning of images in churches in London, when looking at the effects of changing a policy that was very important to the people of England as well as those who were concerned about practice changing more than anything else this seems quite relaxed statement compared to other Historians views on the matter. 

In terms of historians views on the rebellion, Somerset is over critisised by some stating they were 'the closest thing Tudor England came to a class war'. Although the rebellions were flawed and higlighted key flaws iun Somersets government, it is…


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