Has the position of children improved? March of progress and Conflict view

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March of progress view:

The march of progress view argues that the postion of children has been steadily imporving and today has been the best it has ever been. this paints a dark picture of how childhood used to be in the past.

They argued that today's children are more vaued, better cared for, protected and educated. In previous generations children have had less right that they do now. For example, there are more laws now protecting children from harm, and abuse. childrens educational, psychological and medical needs are all catered for as well.

Better health care and higher standards of living, have increased tht survial of babies, as well as smaller family sizes which mean it easier for families to provide more for there children. 

The family and society has become more child-centred and children have become the focal point of the family.

Parents also invest a great deal into their children emotionally, as wel as financially.

The conflict view:

Conflict sociologists, such as Marxists and feminists dispute the view that the position of children has improved dramatically in a relatively short period of time. Conflict sociologists argue that society is based on a conflict between different…


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