Hard Times Bk1 Ch5

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  • Chapter 5 - The Keynote
  • “A triumph of fact...no greater taint of fancy” - irony as D disproves of fact-based life but a triumph is a good thing; there is absolutely no trace of fancy in Coketown
  • “Let us strike the key-note” - direct address and musical metaphor, key-note is the opening note of a piece of music so D is wanting to describe the opening to the novel which is CT
  • “It was a town...face of a savage” - colour imagery, personification of the smoke and ashes; creates a negative first impression of CT
  • “Interminable serpents of smoke” - never-ending coils of smoke have biblical and Edenic imagery of the snakes in the Garden of Eden, creates sense of horror and hopelessness
  • “It had a black...all day long” - more colour imagery assaults all the reader’s


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