Hard Times Bk1 Ch2

  • Created by: Bethany
  • Created on: 16-08-19 10:59
  • Chapter 2 - Murdering the Innocents
  • Title suggests in a comedic way that Gradgrind and his school are destroying the creativity and imaginstion of young children - again the theme of Fact is prevalent
  • More detail is disclosed about GG which increases his comedic value as he appears ridiculous trying to measure the values of human anture - "With a rule...what it comes to"
  • Reader learns that identity of students is removed therefore reducing them to numbers - "Girl number twenty", dehumanising
  • Sissy Jupe is introduced as "Girl number twenty", and foreshadows the later chapters of the circus by telling GG about her father who works in the ring. GG is not impressed by this fanciful description, instructing her that she  should "Call


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