Handel-And the Glory of the Lord GCSE set piece

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Context of piece

  • And the Glory of the Lord was written in 1741 and is a Baroque choral piece.
  • And the Glory of the Lord is the fourth piece in the first section of "Messiah" and is called an Oratorio.
  • It is written for a SATB choir


  • A Major ( modulates to Emajor twice and Bmajor once)


Based on 4 main Motifs

1) "And the glory, the glory of the lord" introduced by altos



this is helpful and succsinked (excuse my spelling ) thankyou very much maddy :)

jessie junior

we sang this in the choir at church :)


just one error on hemiola, it is a rhythmic device that only lasts for a bar or two. the way you wrote it, it sounds like this is how the whole piece is written which is incorrect, and you also spelled it wrong. but apart from that, accurate, concise, and helpful


This is really useful thanks!! :)

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