hamlet act 1

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Whole of Act 1 for Hamlet 

Scene 1:


 - ghost appears x2 at Elinore castle in Denmark 

- Horatio who is a scholar didn’t believe Barnado and Marcellus now believes them after he saw the ghost, this acceptance of his predictions being wrong presents him as a trustworthy character, Horatio also represents the audience in this scene as the ghost gains both the audiences suspension but Horatio’s aswell 

- main focus on Horatio’s reaction, the guars secrecy ad ghosts appearance  

- hamlet and Fortinbras agree that whoever wins the war would give their territory to the other person – this subplot is at the start to highlight him as a threat. Both Fortinbras and hamlet are named after their fathers. Fortinbras was prince of Norway, his father king Fortinbras was killed by hamlet father so as his father’s honour Fortinbras wants to attack Denmark 

- ghost only appears at night time 

- ghost appears with an armour which could suggest that the ghost is an evil spirit and the fact that it made Horatio tremble could suggest its evil 

- ongoing secrecy in Elinore as they “whisper” which causes tension

- Horatio mentions that the ghost would only talk to hamlet and not the guars 

- Ghost appears at the start of the play to set a tone/mood for the rest of the play and to remind us that he maybe be dead but his spirit will not rest until he gets revenge 

- Marcellus and Barnado suggest the ghost is “in the same figure like the king that’s dead”

Scene 2:

·      Hamlet explains how quickly his mum married which is why he’s filled with anger 

·      Claudius and Gertrude tell hamlet to stop mourning as hamlet wouldn’t stop

·      The couple mention not sending hamlet back to uni as hamlet wants to leave- Claudius does this to keep him under control 

·      Horatio tells hamlet about his father appearing as a ghost figure which gives hamlet a purpose as to why he should continue going after Claudius- hamlet says “tis very strange” which suggests he believes his father’s ghost appearance 

·      Claudius’ speech 

·      Hamlet is obsessed with his father as that’s all his thoughts are based on 

·      He seems bothered by their relationship 

·      Hamlet is wearing all black 

·      Hamlet mentions his black clothing doesn’t even show a bit of his anger 

·      Claudius and Gertrude tell hamlet to move on as its common- he has an influence on her 

·      Court seems superficial- they don’t support Claudius

·      His speech is meant to show him as dominant, powerful and caring of the state but it’s the opposite it gives a negative first impression of him as he quickly moves the focus from hamlet 

·      Claudius acts superficial- tries to play a fatherly role but fails as he says “my son” he tries to please him 

·      Claudius…


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