Half-Caste- John Agard

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Half-Caste- John Agard

  • No punctuation or correct spelling (Unrelated Incidents)
  • Clear structure like an argument- introduction, point and conclusion
  • Stanzas vary in length- like a rant
  • Title. "Half"- unfinished, less than whole, less important
  • 1. "Excuse me"- apologetic for interupting- sarcasm
  • 3. "I'm half-caste"- suggests half a person- comical, humorous image
  • 4. "Explain yuself"- aggressive or confused. Like a rhetorical question- similar to the style of Roman Rhetoric or persuasive speech
  • 5. "Wha yu mean"- addresses audience, direct at you
  • 7. "Picasso"- surreal (This Room)
  • 8. "Red an green"- opposite colour to show


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