Haiti Earthquake (Case Study)

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Haiti Earthquake Factfile:

Location -Haiti, Caribbean

Date - 12th January 2010

Cause - Conservative plate boundary between Caribbean and North American Plates

Main Impacts:

  • 230,000 people died
  • 300,000 people injured
  • 1 million made homless
  • 250,000 houses and 30,000 buildings collapsed/damaged

Primary Effects:

  • Cracks in the ground
  • People crushed
  • Houses collapsing

Secondary Effects:

  • 1 million made homeless
  • Outbreak of cholera - 6000 people died
  • Fires

Why did so many die?

  • Didn't have the resources to help people
  • Lots of falling structures killed people
  • Houses poor and densely packed, shanty towns with badly consturcted buildings
  • Dense urban environment made it difficult for rescue teams to work so they couldn't get to people to help them

Evaluating the response to the Haiti Earthquake:


  • 71 people rescued in the first few days including young children…


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