Haiti Case Study


Hazard Nature

  • Haiti is a multi-risk hazard enviroment: tropical storms, floods, earthquakes
  • Has a complex slip fault, follows a conservative margin.
  • Sits above the Caribbean and N American plates slide past one another in a E-W direction.
  • plates got jammed building up pressure.
  • 12 January 2010 released a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.
  • Shallow focus os 13 Km.
  • Epicentre was located 24Km SW of Port-au Prince the capital.

Primary impacts

  • Most of Port-au Prince was flattened in less than 60 seconds. This included key buildings such as the police station, national palace and parliament HQ. Demonstrates lack of infastructure.
  • Infustucter damaged. Port subsided, roads uplifted and blocked by debris.
  • Over 230,000 people died from quake, or diesaes or storm that followed.
  • 50% of buildings collasped, were poorly built.
  • Over 180,000homes got damaged.
  • 1.5 million people made homeless, and schools were badly damaged.
  • In total around 3,500 people got affected.
  • Local sea level in some areas changed.

Secondary Impacts

  • Strong after shocks recorded of a 6.1 magnitude on the 20th of January.
  • Prison was destroyed and so


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