Growth of megacities

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  • Growth of megacities
  • level of development- infrastructure
  • urban regeneration- London Docklands
  • trade blocs
  • population increase- lower morality rates
  • growth in coastlines because of export trade
  • global shift
  • rise in consumer markets- FDI
  • growth of TNCs
  • global hub
  • growth of communications and teleconnected

Push Factors


  • lack of standard education
  • underemployment
  • discrimination and prejudice
  • lack of cultural facilites


  • soil infertile move to urban area to change jobs
  • isolation due to topography
  • exposed to natural to natural disaster floods


  • lack of employment opportunities
  • poverty
  • debt and substeince farming
  • lack of business opportunites

Pull Factors


  • Higher average wage
  • surplus


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