Group 2

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Group 2 

  • Barium is kept in oil to prevent it from reacting with the air
  • Magnesium is an abundant metal, used in planes and cars due to being lighweight
  • Beryllium is light and toxic. It's also very rare
  • Calcium is a major omponent of bones, teeth, tusks and antlers
  • Strontium produces crimson colour flames and so is sued in tracer bullets
  • Radium is a radioactive element discovered by Marie Curie
  • Acidified BaCl2 solution is used as a reagent to test for sulfate ions
  • If Barium Chloride is added to a solution that contains sulphate ions a white precipitate forms
  • The acid is needed to react with carbonate impurities that are ofen found in salts which would form a white Barium carbonate precipitate and so give a false result

     Atomic Radius

  • The atomic radius increases as you go down the group due to more electron shells
  • There's more occupied energy levels between the nucleus and the electrons in the highest occupied energy level
  • This means


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