Group 1 - Alkali metals

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  • Obviously, Alkali metals are metals.
  • They react by loosing 1 electron from their outershell to make a full outershell.

Na - 1 electron → Na+

2,8,1   → 2,8

  • As you go down the group, the outershell is further away from the nucleus meaning the electron is lost more easily.
  • This is why reactivity increases as you go down the group.
  • They are called Alkali metals because when they react with water a hydroxide is made (colourless alkaline solouton).
  • To test for the hydroxide, you test for hydrogen. This is the test when you place a lighted splint into the gas and it will burn with a speaky pop.

Sodium + Water → Sodium hydroxide + Hydrogen

2Na     + 2H2O → 2NaOH + H2

Lithium + Water → Lithium…


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