Grifths - Regular Gamblers or Non-Regular Gamblers

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Grifiths – Individual Differences


What is addiction?

EUPHORIA - a "buzz" or "high"

Withdrawal - Negative side-effects going without - anxiety, nausea, depression

TOLERANCE: Bigger + Bigger for the same "high"- applies to all drugs - but does it apply to gambling?

DO gamblers think differently?

Cognitive bias describes the inherent thinking errors that humans make in processing information.


  • There will be no difference in skill of RG's and NRG's
  • RG's will have more irrational cognition than the NRG's (using heuristics)
  • Players THINKING ALOUD will take longer than the rest


A quasi - whether participant was a RG's OR NRG's and field experiment - It was conducted in a natural environment- a local arcade.

Type of data collected:

Quantitative data - DV measured total play, total time, play rate, end stake, wins and win rate, if comment was irrational/rational.

Experimental Design:

Independent measures: two participant groups - regular gamblers and non-regular gamblers (both of which are naturally occurring)


  • Whether participant was a RG or NRG
  • Whether the participant thought aloud or not


  • Total play, total time, play rate, end stake, wins and win rate 


30 regular gamblers and 30 non regular gamblers.

  • RG - 29 males + 1 women who played at least once a week
  • NRG - 15 males + 15 women who played at least once a month or less

Sampling Method:

Recruited via a POSTER (self-selected and snowball)

Snowball -


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