Gregory's Indirect Theory of Perception Essay Plan/Guide.

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Perception is the conscious recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli, the senses create a three dimensional representation of the outside world inside your brain.

Top down or Constructivist theory. = need prev experience for perception. Strongly affected by schema’s – for example we have a schema for a face that tells us that even though each is different, they all rely on the same basic principle to make up for a face e.g protruding nose and chin, have two eyes, ect.


Heavily relies on illusions …For example Hollow mask = rotating mask which we see as convex although in reality is concave. And the Muller lyre- where the drawings are a representation of corners, the lines are the same length however the ‘outside’ corner wall appears smaller.


Hollow mask illusion – schema, Hypothesis testing – come up with the most appropriate or relevant interpretation of environment, Support for schema.


However, is present in neonates, and illusion persists when ‘learnt’ Counter as suggests innate abilities.


Muller-lyre = misapplied hypothesis because the brain see’s the drawing as a 2d rep of a 3d world. Therefore the outside corner is perceived as further away. There is no context to help us figure it out, so brain relies on previous hypotheses and expectation. Support for Schema and involvement of higher centre.


Further supported by Cultural studies which show some tribes are not susceptible


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