Green house effect in the UK

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The green house effect refers to the increasing temperature in the troposphere as a result of heat trapping effect of gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and CFCs. Such gases allow incoming short wave radiation becuase its amplitude is smaller therefore faster and hotter pass through the green house but blocking out long wave radiation.

\increase in green houses gases due to burning fossil fuels in power station, factores and vehicles, cement manufacture use of CFCs propellants in aerosol cans a

Since the last iice age the British Isles has been readjusting in the north and west following glacier load removal which has resulted in a gradual iplif

graudal subsidence has occured on the margins of the North Sea basin the east and south east

The effects of sea level rise may be intensidied by possible increases in the incidence of storms and the greatest impact being likely on the exposed western coasts facing the Atlantic

The mixing of sea water with fresh water in rivers is constantly changing and a rise in sea level can cause it to move upstrem

rising sea level could also affect coastal habitats particulary coastal wetlands and salt marshed- eco systems likely to be affected

UK IMPACTS for the 2020s

200 km northward shift of the the UK climate along a south east to north west gradient

annual precipitation over the UK as a whole is expected to increase by abut 5% by the 2020s and nearly 10% by the 2050s

the currently dry south east will tend to become drier and the wet north west will get even wetter. Drought in the south east and flooding in the north west become more common


increase in timber yields 25% increase by 2050 in the north of the UK

northward shift of farming zones 50-80km per decade

enhanced potential for tourism and recreation as a result of increased temperatures and reduced precipitation in the summer


increase soil erosion and the shrinkage of clay soils

increase in animal speices as a result of northward migration  and a small decrease in plant speices in mountainous regions

decrease in crop yields in south east of the UK

increase in river flow in ther winter and a decrease in the summer


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