Green crime

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Green crime

Can be defined as crime against the environment. Much green crime can be linked to globalisation and the increasing interconnectedness of societies.              Regardless of the division of the world into separate nation-states, the planet is a single eco-system and threats to the eco-system are increasingly global rather than merely local in nature.          E.g. atmospheric pollution in one country can turn into acid rain that falls in another, poisoning its water and destroying its forests.

A global risk society>>Beck argues that in today’s late modern society, we can now provide adequate resources for all (at least in the developed countries).            However, the massive increase in productivity and the technology that sustains it have created new “manufactured risks” – this means that there are new dangers that we never faced before. E.g. nuclear waste, power stations and weapons, human-made CO2 emissions e.g. factories and cars, changes in the weather e.g. floods, oil spills e.g. BP and waste production.    Many of these risks involve harm to the environment


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