Great Gatsby Chapter 2

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Introduces that despondant grey valley of ashes where the debris of New york are deposited.

Overhead, two huge, blue, spectacle-rimmed eyes—the last vestige of an advertising gimmick by a long-vanished eye doctor—stare down from an enormous sign. The eyes Dr T.J Eckleburg “brood on over the solemn dumping ground.” (imago of god?)

George Wilson's Garage, Tom's lover is his wife Myrtle Wilson. Exudes a desperate vitality and strikes nick as being a sensous figuire.

Tom taunts Wilson and then orders Myrtle to follow him to the train. Tom takes Nick and Myrtle to New York City, to the Morningside Heights apartment he keeps for his affair.

Impromptu party with her sister Catherine and a couple called Mckee (shrill and unsightly couple)

Excessive drinking despite prohibition, Nick mentions this is the second time he got drunk

Catherine tells Nick that she has heard that Jay Gatsby is the nephew or cousin of Kaiser Wilhelm, the ruler of


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