Great Expectations Quotes

 Great Expectations Quotes



·         'derived from their tombstones' - Claims his identity from the looks of his parents tombstones to try and figure out what they were like

·         'born in opposition' - Pip feels unloved and unwanted, loses his identity



·         'Pip' - Short name, small boy up against a big world

·           'small bundle of shivers' - How Pip is seen vulnerable and small 

·         Been 'brought up by hand' - His sister was known to bring him up herself but irl she hit him

·         'mortal terror' '- Begins constantly scared of everything

·         'conscience' - Continuously feeling guilty, projects it onto his surroundings

·         Always told to 'be grateful' even though he regards his life as difficult. Because of Mrs. Joe being fake to her visitors, they back her up leaving Pip feeling cornered and bullied.

·         Known as a 'world of trouble' to his sister, increasing the built Pip feels

·         'fugitive friend' - Not so confident in judging others like the convict

·         'I hope, Joe, we shan't find them' - Compassion from joe and Pip

·         ‘as if I were a dog in disgrace’- he was humiliated by estella so much that ‘tears started to my eyes’

·         Being treated unjustly made him a sensitive child, page 57 ‘it may only be small injustice… that I was morally timid and very sensitive

·         ‘Incapable I became of looking at Joe… unable I felt to speak’ guilty and sad for leaving. He then goes on to avoid being able to tell Biddy. (pg. 135)

·         ‘I may have been without quite knowing it, dissatisfied with myself’ He feels as though he has to leave and is not so happy anymore, page 136.

·         ‘poor and humble stars for glittering on the rustic objects’- the stars in the country side aren’t as good as those in London, because they are shining on common people not the upper class.

·         ‘they would make a business of it- such a coarse and common business’ he is so arrogant and believes he is better than them. ‘handsomely forgiving her’ page 137.

·         ‘this first night of my bright fortunes should be the loneliest I had ever known’ page 137- ironic.

·         ‘wretch’ called Magwitch a wretch and claimed that ‘he was dead to me’- Magwitch is behind all the fortune, page 139.

·         ‘you are envious Biddy’- she is not envious, Pip is being rude, page 141.   

·         ‘I soon contracted expensive habits’ ‘ but through good and evil I stuck to my books’- pip may be getting richer but he still keeps his studies up.

·         ‘if I could have kept him away by paying money, I certainly would have paid money.’ – about seeing joe.


Joe Gargery:

·         'curls of flaxen hair' 'undecided blue' - Nice


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