How did the Cold War develop 1943-1956?

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Grand Alliance was set up in 1941 by USA, Soviet Union and Britain to defeat Hitler and the Nazis. It was an alliance of convenience by 3 Superpowers who had little in common.


November 1943 Teheran Conference –Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin

  • Agreed that the Soviet Union should have a ‘sphere of influence’ in Eastern Europe.
  • United Nations to be set up after the Second World War
  • Britain and USA agreed to a Second Front to ease the pressure on the Soviet Union by launching D-Day in the north   North of France in 1944.
  • Soviet Union promised to help fight Japan after defeating Germany
  • BUT disagreements about how to treat Germany e.g Stalin wanted to make Germany pay high                           
  • Reparations (compensation) whilst Churchill and Roosevelt wanted to help rebuild Germany.

 February 1945 Yalta Conference- Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin

  •   Divide Germany/Berlin into 4 zones controlled by Britain, France, Soviet Union and America.
  •   Stalin allows free elections in Eastern Europe.
  •   Relations good because Stalin and Roosevelt got on personally.
  •                   -February 1945 Yalta Conference- Roosevelt, Churchill,


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