Grammatical Development Revision

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Grammatical Development

-This is the acquisition of the rules of language. Where children learn:

-The order of words in sentences (subject,verb,object)

-How to ask questions


-Verb endings/inflections




-Infinitive verb, to be

Holophrastic/One word stage:

-Single word utterances are produced and they function as phrases or sentences. For example Gone, bye-bye, more, Dada, teddy

-Longer utterances are sometimes produced but are used as single units eg. Allgone

-This stage occurs at 12-18 months

-These single word utterance can be used as sentences due to the intonation as it can be used as an interrogative, imperative or declarative.

The two-word stage:

-This occurs between 18-24 months

- By the age of 2 a variety of combinations of words appears eg mummy eat, baby chair, cat bad.

-The adult behaves as if communication is taking place between parent and child.

-During this stage children begin to use some inflections but the usage is not correct for several months.

-Question appear during this stage.

-At the end of this stage the first negative words emerge

-In 1976 Roger Brown studied two-word sentence from children. He found that at the two-word stage the vast majority of childrens utterance expressed the same basic set of meanings. Here are some examples:



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