GPO3 Conservatism

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Human Nature...

  • Psychologically limited
  • Dependent
  • Fearing isolation and instability
  • Security-seeking
  • Morally imperfect
  • Selfish and greedy and desiring power

Conservatism, as a political attitude, is defined by the desire to conserve, and is reflected in a resistance to, or at least suspicion of, change. The central themes of conservative ideology are tradition, human imperfection, organic society, hierarchy/authority and property.

For a conservative, tradition reflects the accumulated wisdom of the past, and institutions and practices that have been 'tested by time'; it should be preserved for the benefit of the living and for generations yet to come. 

Conservatives view human nature pressimistically, they are flawed in at least three senses..

  • Human beings are limited, dependent and security-seeking creatures (Psychologically)
  • They are morally corrupt, tainted by selfishness, greed and a thirst for power (Morally)
  • Human rationality is unable to cope with the infinite complexity of the world. (Intellectually)

The belief that society should be viewed…


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