Government responses to migration

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Competition for jobs and impact on pay

  • migrants compete for jobs at low pay
  • government restircted migrants from Romania until Janurary 2013
  • depress wages
  • causes racial tensions
  • BNP stereotype migrants to coming and taking the benefits
  • in 2008 a point system was introduced for outside EU
  • family unification has been restricted
  • Ed Milband prospes that every EU migrant employed train an appreciate


  • Race riots in Oldham with Pakistani people
  • Anti immigrant groups exploit racial stereotypes
  • Alienate people who feel they legimate concerns over migration
  • Government concerned about being rasict
  • Birmingham riotes in 2005 against Carribbeans and British Asians


  • Ban of Head Scarfs and women give evidence have to remove veil
  • Feminism- social inequality


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