Government and authority (The court and the Privy Chamber)


Government and authority

The court and the Privy Chamber

Court remained source of patronage and political influence where personal and family forturnes were made and broken
Were two politically impt sections to the King's Court:
1)The Chamber
2)The Privy Chamber

PC established in the late 1490's under HvII- It was small and modest staffed
At its head was the Groom of the Stool who assisted the King when he sat on the toile
Men of PC kept H dressed, washed, fed, and watered

The growing importance of the PC

Under HvIII the PC served a different function ( Change was not apparent until 1518)
He relied on a new group of men, who were his favourites, known as the 'Minions' (French word for Darlings) H also admired and emulated the structure of the FR court where the monarch's favourites were identified


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