Government Of, For and By the people

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Government of, for and by the people: Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech.

The 'people' can be viewed as a single, cohesive body, bound together by common or collective interests. Democracy comes to mean the strict application of the principle of majority rule, in which the will of the majority overides the will of the minority. This can lead the the "tyranny of the majority"


Citizens of a country choose what happens in that county by electing representatives. Once people are elected, they are entrusted with and expected to be making the necessary decisions on the people's behalf. People govern themselves by making cruicial decisions that sructure their lives and determine the fate of their society. As people are divided, government is likely representative of the majority of people. Governments should be run by the people and not rich aristocrats or special interests. Democracy is thus organised by the people and operated by the people for the purpose of serving people. However opinions can be easily swayed and constant re-elections make…


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