Gothic female stereotypes- Lady Macbeth

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The Stereotypes

  • The innocent victim/damsel in distress who needs protecting
  • The shameless, dangerous predator/femme fatale who is seductive and greedy
  • Not a main one but the monsterous mother.

Concering Lady Macbeth

  • There is not much of an argument to fit Lady Macbeth to the stereotype of an innocent victim. However there is alot of evidence for the dangerous predator and monsterous mother.
  • The femme fatale- She is overtly sexual
    " When you durst do it, then you were a man;" This quote can be played in some interpreation as seductively, she is insulting Macbeth's manhood, and seducing as well as persueding him to carry out the murder.
    She also has links with Eve from the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Eve was


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