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- George Shultz, 'totally different from any Soviet leader I've ever met'

- Reagan 'warmth in his face and style, not the coldness boardering on hatred I had seen in most other Soviet leaders I'd met until then.' 

Warm, dynamic, educated (first since Lenin.)

youthful, exuberant, orientated towards the West. 

Desire to eliminate nuclear weapons --- 

November 1985, Geneva - 50% cut in all nuclear weapons.

September 1986, Reykjavik Summit, all removed by 2000

Eventually agrees to remove SDI as a pre-requisite for arms agreement - INF 1987. Soviets by 1750, US by 850. 

Subsequent improvement in foreign relations 1996 memoirs 'progress is unthinkable for any society which is fenced off from the world.'

'adverseries must become partners.' 

Amicable ---- Thatcher 'this is a man I can do business…


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