Gonzalo in 'The Tempest'

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In the play's dramatis personae, we are told Gonzalo is "an honest old counsellor of Naples". He is optimistic and kind-hearted. In fact, the first time we meet him he is trying to stop an argument between the royals and the mariners. Everyone is bickering and fearing death but he stays resolute and believes "good Fate" has something other than drowning in store for everyone, evening mentioning how one of the mariners is to die on the gallows rather than drown "methinks he/ hath no drowning mark upon him; his complexion is/ perfect gallows" (well known proverb that states "He that is born to be hanged need fear no drowning).

When Prospero was sent to exile, Gonzalo gave him supplies to survive along with his books "out of his charity".

He is a source of constant cheer and reminds everyone they are lucky to be alive and voices the idea that, despite the seeming loss of the ship, the survivors can uncover something greater "Beseech you, sir, be merry. You have cause/ So have we all,


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