Gold DofE menu plan (my microsoft word was playing up, so I had to type it out on this)

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Gold DofE meal plan- Jessica Cole

Friday 21st June

Breakfast- Belvita breakfast biscuit x2, small orange juice carton

Lunch- Cold cheese & tomato pizza (3 slices), 150g dried apricots, a mini malt loaf (approx weight 50g), snack sized rice pudding x 1

Dinner-  1/3 packet of dried pasta with a tomato sauce, Snickers chocolate bar

Snacks- Dairy milk chocolate bar, snack size bag of jelly babies (approx 150g), unsalted nuts (approx weight 200g) Digestive biscuit with peanut butter x 2, cheese string x1

Saturday 22nd June

Breakfast- mini box of high carbohydrate cereal (approx 30g) , orange juice…




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