goeg- unit 1 phillipines

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CASE STUDYS- Hazard Hotspots

Phillipines (middle income country)


Physical factors;

  • Topograpgy is mountanous, leading to landlides. Coastal low lands, area is suceptable to floods
  • Sit on a destructive plate boundray where the Eurasian plate is subducted benaeth the Phillipines plate- leads to melting of Eurasian (oceanic) plate, causing maga to rise and volcanic eruptions.
  • Sits on the S.E Aian typhoon belt, leads to storm surges and floods
  • Heavy rainfall on mounrainous areas leads to flash floods

Human factors;

  • Deforestation for farming on steep hills can lead to flash floods (during heavy rainfall)
  • Increase…


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