God the law giver and judge, redeemer and sanctifier

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God the giver of the law

  • Jewish people believe that by obeying the laws and commandments they are fulfilling God's will on earth, and in doing so, forming a close relationship with him
  • One aspect of the belief is that just as God has given Jews his law, he also will judge Jews on the way they have kept the mitzvoth
  • The midrash states that God wished to give Torah to the world, he approached different nations and offered the Torah to each in turn
  • Each nation enquired as to the contents of the Torah, and when nformed of the restrictions, decided to refuse
  • God then approached the Jews, in which they replied 'we will do and we will listen'
  • This shows the way in which Jews accept the Torah as a gift from God without any conditions

The Ten Commandments

  • Jews believe that the Ten Commandments were given by God at Mount Sinai to the entire Jewish nation
  • Jews believe the commandments form a basic covenant or agreement between God and the Jews
  • If Jews keep the details of the commandments, they will live in a society that is close to God
  • Both groups of statements inscribed on two tablets of stone consist of 5 statements each of which the first five are between man and God and


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