“God is responsible for everything that happens in the universe.” Discuss. (10)


a)      “God is responsible for everything that happens in the universe.” Discuss. (10)

The issue here is that if God created the world from scratch, i.e. from absolutely nothing.  The Genesis story narrates the work of a craftsman deliberately creating with a purpose in mind.  God is also omnipotent, omniscient, all loving and omnipresent.   If these things are true, then God must be held accountable or must be responsible for what happens here on earth.  Such a line of thought would seem logical.

Omnipotence refers to God being all powerful, the word of God is final and anything he may interpret will be reality. As god is the creator of the universe, he would be linked with that. If a person designed a car and sold it to a member of the public, that person will be held responsible if it turns out that the cars design had a fault, this would be used as an example to illustrate how God is responsible for the universe. If natural disasters occur such as earthquakes, like the faulty car, God is responsible for any problems that earthquakes cause. It would be argued that God did a terrible job of creating the earth as there are numerous volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes, could it be possible that the world would be better if God is omnipotent. A weakness to this statement is that God is not like any human being and cannot possibly be compared to a car designer.

People believe that God created natural laws to apply to the earth, all of these natural disasters and their consequences are the result of the world working in a regular way. The world is…


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