God as Creator/ The Goodness of God Essay Help

Explain how the Bible shows God as Creator. (25 marks)

If you are asked to describe beliefs about God being creator, do not spend your time describing the 7 day creation or the story of Adam and Eve in great detail, but to explain the nature and meaning of 'creator'

  • To answer this question, you need to discuss what is learnt about the nature of God from the Bible and particularly the passages that concern him being Creator (Genesis 1-3 and Job 38) 
  • You need to explain what is learnt about God from these passages; there are a number of beliefs that you can discuss:-
    • Creatio Ex Nihilo - God creating the world out of nothing (link to Genesis 1 and 2, Job 38 and Isaiah 40)
    • God's omniscience [all knowing] (link to Genesis 2:4 - Genesis 3:1)
    • God's omnipotence [all powerful] (link to Genesis 1-3, Job 38 or Isaiah 40)
    • God as an omnipresent craftsman [all present] (link to Job 38 and Isaiah 40)
    • God being ruler of the world
    • God being creator involves continuing to sustain the world in existence

'God is responsible for everything that happens in the universe' Discuss (10 marks)

  • The question asks you to discuss the extent to whch God is responsible for what happens, there are a few ways you can go about doing this:
    • Discuss the meaning of omnipotence and point out what this