Gloucestershire floods - MEDC flood

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July 2007 floods -

13 dead.

414.1mm average rainfall across England and Wales.

3 billion pounds overall cost to insurers - largest single claims event in U.K. history

The flooding -

150mm of rain fell in two days. The flood was followed by a wet period so the ground was already saturated. Large areas along the river Severn were mostly affected. Tens of thousands of homes, toads, power stations and thousands of businesses flooded. Tewkesbury was one of the worst places affected as it is where the river Avon and Severn meet.

Immediate effects -

Tewkesbury was cut off from rising waters.

M5 motorway was closed.

Water was badly polluted.

Electricity sub station providing power to 50,000 homes was threatened by rising water - 250 fire fighters had to help save it.

For a time, 350,000 people…


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