Gloucester & Bangladesh, 2007 Floods-The Causes

Gloucester, 2007-River Severn/Avon

Natural Factors

a) Climate-prolonged heave rain-320% more than average.

b) Relief-Wide, flat floodplain.

c) Drainage-The Severn and Avon were both in flood, meeting above Gloucester.

d) Vegetation-Little woodland/mostly farmed-lack of trees to intercept precipitation.

e) Geology-Mostly impervious Triassic clays.

Human Factors

a) Urbanisation-Areas in/surrounding Gloucester are being increasingly built up, especially on the floodplain-Increased impervious surfaces means precipitation cannot percolate into the ground, so increases surface run-off as the water has no other place to go.

b) Farming-Intensive arable-use of heavy machinery compacts soil.

c) Transport-Numerous bridges and ponded water.

d) River Controls-Minimal but use of weirs…


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