Globular and Fibrous Proteins


Globular Proteins: 

  • round and compact
  • hydrophillic groups tend to be pushed outwards due to the tertiary structure
  • making them insoluable, so easily transported in fluids
    • Haemoglobin:
      • carries oxygen around the body in red blood cells
      • also known as a conjugated protein as it has a non proteins groups attached ( prostetic group) 
      • each of the 4 polypeptide chains have a haem group attached; this contains iron which binds to oxygen 
    •  Insulin:
      • secreted by the pancreas
      • regulates the blood glucose level
      • its soluable so easilly transported 
      • consists of 2 polypeptide chains held togheter by disulfide bonds 
      • when


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